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Direct FileBot version 4.9.2 Portable -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
56.2 GB
15.4 TB

FileBot is the ultimate tool for renaming and organizing user's movies, TV shows, or anime and downloading subtitles. It is smart, streamlined for simplicity and works. FileBot supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, plus there is a full-featured command-line interface for all sorts of automation.

The application will automatically match the user's files with information from various online databases. Besides automatic lookup, users will also be able to search and download subtitles, preview subtitles manually, and fix encoding problems (e.g., force UTF-8).

Use FileBot on the command-line. There is a simple CLI for core tasks like renaming media files and fetching subtitles as well as checking or creating SFV files. On top of that, users can use a scripting engine to define more complex automated processing. There are already shared scripts for various tasks that the user can run right away or further customize to his needs.

  • A simple user-interface tuned for drag-n-drop (no need to bother with file dialogs);
  • Platform-independent and straight-forward application deployment;
  • Powerful and full-featured cmd line interface and scripting interface for any automation;
  • Episode naming scheme;
  • Rename files;
  • Rename and move hundreds of media files in a matter of seconds;
  • Fetch episode info from TheTVDB, AniDB or TVmaze;
  • Accurate and robust and simply awesome file/episode matching logic;
  • Series/Anime/Movie name auto-detection;
  • Powerful and highly customizable episode naming scheme;
  • Supports language preferences for series and episode titles;
  • Supports movie identification and renaming via TheMovieDB;
  • Reverse rename files using internal history or the original torrent file;
  • Download subtitles;
  • Download subtitles from OpenSubtitles;
  • Advanced logic for matching files to most suitable subtitles;
  • Find exact subtitles on OpenSubtitles;
  • Upload subtitles with movie hash to OpenSubtitles;
  • Integrated subtitle viewer for srt, ass, and sub files;
  • Transcode any subtitle as UTF-8 encoded srt;
  • Verify SFV files;
  • Easily create and verify sfv, md5, sha1, and sha256 files;
  • Aware of checksums that are embedded in the filename;
  • Directly compare two or more directory trees;
  • Auto-lookup of any existing file verification;
  • Identify and rename music using AcoustID audio-fingerprints and MusicBrainz info;
  • Extract files from the zip, multi-volume rar, and 7zip archives as well as ISO images.

What is new in version 4.9.2 (Released on September 29, 2020):
  • Enable Dark Mode by default on Windows and macOS (depending on system settings);
  • Enhanced Progress Monitor and Dialog UI;
  • Enhanced native Desktop integration;
  • Enhanced configuration options for Presets;
  • Improved support for Export and Restore of User Data;
  • Improved support for multi-monitor environments;
  • Restore window bounds and window state on startup (and actively prevent off-screen windows);
  • Added {decade} convenience binding (e.g. 1970);
  • Added {anime} boolean binding (i.e. best guess based on database, genre, language, country, etc);
  • Improved support for 3-digit and 4-digit season numbers;
  • Improved support for DE-ASCII transliteration (e.g. ÄäÖöÜüß);
  • Enhanced file path validation on Linux (e.g. GVFS);
  • Enhanced xattr and crc32 in-memory cache invalidation;
  • Optimize History write operations;
  • Added -d option (i.e. Folder Mode);
  • Added -revert command default behavior (i.e. revert most recent -rename operation);
  • Enhanced --q query expressions;
  • Enhanced --mapper capabilities;
  • Improved support for --mode interactive on Windows;
  • Improved support for @Files (e.g. BOM);
  • Improved support for hard link deduplication;
  • Added support for macOS Big Sur.

What is new in version 4.9.1 (Released on April , 2020):
  • Added Edit Format/Edit Match/Edit Name context menu;
  • Added Smart Mode: Attributes matcher (i.e. xattr/exif/id3/atom);
  • Use F2 shortcut for Plain File Mode;
  • Use F3 shortcut for Local Xattr Mode;
  • Enable selected post-processing features via Filter ➔ Attributes ➔ Apply;
  • Enable clone (on macOS/apfs) and reflink (on Linux/btrfs) by default for all COPY operations;
  • Enhanced Selection Dialog with thumbnails and tooltips;
  • Enhanced Conflict Dialog with detailed explanations;
  • Enhanced manual search to support both search by name and lookup by id;
  • Improved support for mapping episode information between different databases and numbering schemes (e.g. via AnimeList or XEM);
  • Added {db} dynamic binding (e.g. map between TheTVDB and AniDB episode objects);
  • Added {vs} standard media {source} tag;
  • Enhance {primaryTitle} to yield AniDB x-jat (romanized Japanese) series name for TheTVDB episode objects;
  • Enhance {hours} to use Ratio (U+2236) instead of Colon (U+003A);
  • Added {historic} binding for looking up the original file path of {f} (e.g. useful for -exec post-processing commands);
  • Evaluate {closures} automatically in constructs (e.g. {"[" + {n} + " " + {s00e00} + "]"});
  • Improved -mediainfo -exec pipeline;
  • Added -no-probe option to disable media parser (e.g. match files without reading file contents);
  • Added -no-index option to disable local media indices (i.e. improved support for low-memory devices);
  • Added -no-history and -clear-history options;
  • Support dynamic code evaluation via include and evaluate;
  • Support @file.groovy syntax in Format Editor and Preset Editor (e.g. @/path/to/MyFormat.groovy);
  • Added --apply option (e.g. --apply artwork nfo url metadata);
  • Added --mapper option (e.g. --mapper AnimeList.AniDB);
  • Allow *.groovy files as argument value for --format, --filter, --mapper and --file-filter options (e.g. --format /path/to/MyFormat.groovy);
  • Support movie hash lookup via --db OpenSubtitles;
  • Support -r and --file-filter for -script calls (i.e., select files before calling the script);
  • Support bash_completion.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows®XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit).

Install notes:
1. Kindly read the "Readme.txt" file given in the download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!

File: FileBot.v4.9.2.Portable.7z
MD5: 75B9D58902214151171DCBB1CA80CF4B
SHA1: 555EC59915BAAF81C4392CF2EAA1135B24CB9D84
SHA256: FE0FE8D63C7B21372E630D03D4C35DA9E17E2BD50BAE95BCD3701AAB2709447A

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

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