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Torrent Gfxplorer

DCG Mechanics

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GFXplorer is an easy-to-use utility that will provide you with complete information about the computer, namely, you can find out everything about the installed system, as well as see the characteristics of the hardware.

The installation process does not take much time, plus there is a portable version that does not need it at all, it is enough to unpack the archive and you can start working, you can run it from USB drives, it is very convenient. After launching, you will have a nice-looking interface, and more importantly, it will be understandable. The window has a system of tabs, by switching between them you can get the necessary information both about the system as a whole and about the hardware.

So, GFXplorer will allow you to find out a lot of details about your computer, if we talk about Windows OS, then here you can see information about the license, serial number, user data and so on, then you can find out everything about your processor, RAM, motherboard and BIOS version. Information about video and sound cards, hard drive is available, plus you can get quick access to Windows manager tools.

In general, here is such a program in front of you, GFXplorer takes up little space, works smartly, gives out a good list of information, offers quick access to useful system tools, all data can be exported to one of the supported formats, there is a portable version that does not require installation, there is no Russian support , but here it would not be useful, the user interface is pleasant and understandable immediately after launch, the tab system will allow you to quickly navigate the information, there are no settings, so you can figure it out literally right after launch. Decide for yourself whether you need such a utility or not, good luck to everyone!

Developer : Xtreme-LAb
License : FreeWare
Language : English
Size : 840 KB
OS : Windows

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