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Direct Half-Life 2 Transmissions Element 120 [Repack]


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35.3 GB
4.3 TB

Transmissions Element 120 is a short single player experience set in the Half-Life Universe featuring a gravity defying weapon that allows you to jump buildings and sustain large falls. The story takes place at a mysterious date & location. Where are you? Why have you been sent?

To help bring the Source Engine up to date several new features are included:
  • Enhanced dynamic lighting
  • Integrated Source Shader Editor 0.5 for enhanced post processing & lighting
  • Improved support for complex physics structures
  • Support for super massive physics objects
  • Improved AI and situational awareness on multiple AI types
Game Info:
Developer: Shokunin, Thomas M. Visser, Vincent Thiele, Valve
Publisher: Shokunin, Thomas M. Visser, Vincent Thiele
Genre: Action, Shooter, 3D
Treatment: Not required
Release Date: 2016

  • Download all parts and copy them to a folder
  • Extract the iso file from the zip archive and mount it with Daemon Tools or PowerISO
  • Run the Start.exe
  • Press
    on keyboard to unlock the screen
  • Click on Install tile and follow the instruction on screen to install the game.
  • Minimum 2 GB of free RAM required for installation
  • Close all running applications and disable antivirus program which may interfere with installation
File Format: Zip and ISO
File size: 700 MB, 700 MB, 264.4 MB
Final size: 1.62 GB

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