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Have Virtual Browser for Unlimited Amount of Time

DCG Mechanics

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This is a very simple process. We will be taking advantage of the website named
and its partnership with Microsoft to provide unlimited edge browser web testing.
It has a lot of advantage if you want to access a website instantaneously that you don't trust or you just wanna open a website from another country as this website easily switches the session
between different countries and different resolutions.

Step 1. Goto and register with your gmail account (yes, gmail account is kinda necessary).

Step 2. Goto Dashboard and click continue testing on microsoft edge for free

Step 3. Now you can access microsoft Edge on Windows 10,8,8.1 and 7.

Step 4. You can also access it on mac os.

Step 5. Download the browserstack extension for one click launching of the virtual browser.

Click on browserstack extension and click on any browser to start it virtually.

It will start the virtual browser.

It has various controls to choose from, from changing resolution to changing location.

Well, that's it folks! Enjoy! Hope this helped you.

And The Speed Is Pretty Sick!!

Thank You.

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Buddy im having trouble viewing all your threads in lite mode.. you check and see.. maybe change text color so more bold either way. Ok
I feel ya... I suggest you check out the Stylus browser addon, that's what I use (on Firefox) to handle these situations. I actually had to do this on a different post a little while ago. It's super easy to make a custom style to override any problematic colors, the only tricky part is determining how the color you want to change is being specified, but even that's a no-brainer after you've done it a few times... Here's what you gotta do:
  1. First, open up the Web Developer Tools (CTRL + SHIFT + I)
  2. next, click the Element picker button (leftmost on the Dev Tools toolbar), hover your pointer over the problem text that it's highlighted, and then click to select it.
  3. the Inspector tab of the Dev Tools will show the page code, centered on the spot you clicked. It'll show something like this:
    <span style="color: rgb(41, 105, 176)">
        <span style="font-size: 18px">
           <b>Thank You.</b>
    (for this example I clicked on the "Thank You." at the end of the OP.)
  4. Copy the whole style string, ex: style="color: rgb(41, 105, 176)" to your clipboard.
  5. Note: In this example the color you want to change is the span two lines up from the text, other times it might only be one line up.
  6. Note2: the color could be in rgb format like this: rgb(41, 105, 176) or in hex format like so: #2969b0
  7. Next, assuming you have the Stylus addon installed, click its toolbar button and select "Write style for: URL"
  8. In the new tab that opens, insert this:
    .bbWrapper span[style*="color: rgb(41, 105, 176)"] {
        color: rgb(156, 168, 198) !important;
  9. Note: I've already inserted the style string that you copied earlier, but notice how I've also inserted an * before the =. That's important, it makes the target matching work in case of additional style declarations. (might not actually be necessary on this board, but elsewhere it is...)
  10. Note2: In future you will need to adjust the actual colors as necessary.
  11. Save the style by clicking the Save button in the left sidebar
You'll need to repeat this for every different color that you need to change and even twice for a color if the formatting is different. Doesn't take long at all though, once you're familiar with the process. Anyway... This way you can fix this sort of thing immediately and not have to wait for the OP to edit. Hope it's useful, enjoy! :nerd: