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Just Saying Thank You And Farewell


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Hello, well its time to be going "down under" and starting anew with our lives. Over the years which our family has been within this very kind community, we can honestly say, WOW. To those of you who cared so much and knew my father so well, we send you a very warm hug and a welcome smile. You guys and gals here kept him going when things turned sour now and then. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely with the quick witticisms from the staff and fellow members and had quite a few laughs. Our computer knowledge has been greatly enhanced by what we have found, researched, tested, discussed, encouraged and have gotten support from, right here on this site. We have paid it forward countless times with our less than knowledgeable friends and to include our extremely geeky network administrator gurus. You all have given us a friendship that will never be lost. (I'm pretty sure they have the Internet down there, eh mates? lol). We'll check in from time to time and see what's been going on and to chat a little. I have scattered TeamOS throughout our university's network so you'll probably have one or two new members coming your way. Take care and know that this community is very unique and special in so many ways.

Kind Regards,
Mary-Lou & Family


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Best wishes Mary Lou and family. Yall will forever be in our hearts and minds. Our prayers are with you for whatever comes your way. Don't be a stranger and stop by whenever the urge strikes. I've been deeply honored to have chatted with you and look forward to it again. God bless ❤