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Direct Mailbird Pro Business License version + Repack + Portable -=TeamOS=-


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Mailbird is an email client that promises to deliver an uncluttered experience and several handy features for managing user email messages. The tool gives the user the possibility to work with G m a i l, Y a h o o!, O u t l o o, iCloud, or other IMAP email providers. The client features an intuitive and smart design while offering support for open-source extensions and a handy suite of features. The interface is inspired by Sparrow, the well-known email client for Mac and iPhone.

Mailbird is able to automatically detect user server settings, apply them and load the email messages on the fly. Additionally, power users can edit the account settings for the incoming and outgoing servers. The central panel is divided into three areas: the inbox and labels on the left part of the main window, a list of conversations in the middle, and full message content on the right. Users can also save emails into preset or custom folders.

Mailbird comes packed with essential features for helping create new email messages, as the user changes the color, font, and size of the text, drag and drop attachments in the Composition window, and check to spell as the user type. A unique feature included in the package enables a user to improve the application’s functionality with the aid of open-source extensions that can be developed by third-parties. The support for hotkeys makes it easier to access most of the program’s features.

Users can group unread conversations at the top and messages into chats, make the email client run at Windows startup, and show notifications (indicate unread count in the taskbar and system tray, play a sound when receiving a new message, reveal tray notification when receiving a message). Furthermore, a user is allowed to create identities, connect with Facebook to see profile pictures and contact information of its friends, and set up proxy parameters.

Mailbird proves to be speedy and reliable. It offers support for a handy suite of features and an uncluttered interface.

  • Unified Inbox - Manage all user emails and contacts from multiple accounts easily in one Inbox;
  • Customizable Layout - Choose from tons of free color themes and transform Mailbird email client into a work of art;
  • App Integrations - Built-in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist and many more...;
  • Snooze - Snooze messages for later to focus only on the emails user need to at the moment;
  • Speed Reader - The first-ever integrated to make user literally fly through its emails;
  • Custom Sounds - Choose any of notification sound suggestions or upload own;
  • Linkedin Lookup - Connect via Linkedin with only one click from within Inbox;
  • Attachment Search - Find even year-old attachments with powerful attachment search feature;
  • Dark Theme - Change between the Dark or Lite theme whenever user like;
  • Shortcuts - Intuitive keyboard shortcuts for archiving, composing, replying, forwarding and many more activities;
  • Multi-language Support - Currently support 17 beautiful languages from all over the world;
  • 24/7 Support - FREE 24/7 email support.

What is new in version (Released on March 7, 2020):
  • Fixed issue with visual attachments in replies;
  • Fixed issues with ProtonMail provider;
  • Fixed issue with Attachments app not showing all attachments;
  • Fixed folders not being synced using Exchange and Amazon;
  • Fixed Imap search bug with matching parts of the words;
  • Fixed issue where Mailbird could freeze when adding a new account;
  • Fixed rare issue with messages not showing inline visual attachments immediately;
  • Fixed folder list for unified accounts, now it's correctly taken from the unified accounts list instead of all accounts;
  • Fixed error when printing from within Google apps.
What is new in version (Released on January 18, 2020):
  • Added ZeroBounce app;
  • Fixed Yahoo/AOL/AT&T/Verizon 'IMAP4rev1 Server logging out' connection issue;
  • IMAP now supports having a single connection;
  • OAuth2 authorization is now performed in the default browser instead of inside Mailbird, to comply with Google's new policy;
  • Account connections slider is now disabled if the number is fixed due to server limitations.
What is new in version (Released on January 2, 2020):
  • Added context menu to create a filter from conversation list;
  • Prevented to format URL when it's already inside a link tag with href attribute;
  • Fixed click to focus on mail editor window;
  • Fixed issue with the TimeDoctor daily summary emails and the CSP changes;
  • Fixed identity display in mail editor;
  • Fixed error when importing inboxes larger than 2 GB from Thunderbird.
What is new in version (Released on December 12, 2019):
  • Improved performance and styling.
What is new in version (Released on November 15, 2019):
  • Fixed issue CVE-2019-15054 reported by Sam Haskins.
What is new in version (Released on November 08, 2019):
  • Added 'has attachments' filter condition;
  • Added 'mark as spam' and 'mark as important' filter action;
  • Made subject filter condition to match words separately;
  • Fixed issue with a background in the body tag when replying.
What is new in version (Released on October 28, 2019):
  • Fixed issue with Avast/AVG antivirus' Email Shield blocking Mailbird in some cases.
What is new in version (Released on October 21, 2019):
  • Added Filter;
  • Added automatic detection of SMTP servers that do not support authentication;
  • Fixed issue with URL and email parsing;
  • Fixed paste plain text issue where email did not appear;
  • Fixed issue with a few servers incorrectly identifying emails sent from Mailbird as spam;
  • Fixed issue that caused a crash on startup;
  • Fixed twitter sharing;
  • Fixed issue with Dropbox file chooser;
  • Fixed twitter inbox zero sharing;
  • Fixed issue with the 'Test connection' button in the edit identity window, not reflecting changes to the 'Requires authentication' checkbox.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit);
Internet Connection;
Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2.

Install notes:
1. Kindly read "Readme.txt" file given in download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!
All credits go to igorca and Team URET, who made and shared the crack with us!

File: Mailbird.Business.dll
MD5: 79538C4020C6E38532D526255A450D2D
SHA1: BD52B36BD24E1071D886D17429F1DC49E4432E74
SHA256: 3F3589F0B2D4AFA6BFE4CFCB12F55522009A948472E997661C15B8BAEF1807BB

File: Mailbird
MD5: FAD3CBF9894B820FC0557F2506532B3E
SHA1: DD39B6E20DCE2EDB6B12D21CBC9841D021EF37C0
SHA256: 354365DD3F1C74C0978ABF72A8CB6728230625C1F71CEDD5090F31E5590DEE3C

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

ALTERNATIVE: Kiwi for G Suite

Download links - full version (Size: 125.39 MB):

Download links - repack version (Size: 99.75 MB):

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btw no full verison?
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You are the only one whit this situation! It is on your side! 23 people before you download and install the app and no one complained! Also, I attach the image that confirms license validation along with other screenshots in the main thread above! Turn of AV or something! Good luck!
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I just got the same problem that @yiznagar got. It worked for a day or two, then after a restart, it gave me the same problem.
No, it is not the same situation! In his case, the license is not valid which is not true (he did something wrong) while in your case it goes to free mode after your restart PC!
So it can be that the app is updated automatically or it calling home on each boot! Try to block with the firewall!
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