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Direct MD Bootstrap 4.8.10 pro


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Material Design for Bootstrap 4 Pro (MDB PRO) is the world's most popular framework for creating responsive mobile websites and applications in the Material Design style. MDBootstrap 4 is a Bootstrap 4 add-on and therefore cannot exist without it. Material Design for Bootstrap 4 is a stylish language for visual images of web applications and not only, you can be sure! 2000+ premium components, an impressive collection of components in the style of Material Design. Save a lot of time creating a website / application using sections and templates.

Material Design for Bootstrap 4 has a huge number of utilities, plug-ins, components, ready-made templates and other useful tools! Gallery, shadows, freeze effects, animation, buttons, typography, navbar, masks, flexbox, contact form, Google maps, search box, carousel ... CODE OF EACH ELEMENT WRITTEN IN THE ONE STYLE. The code is easy to read, understandable for beginners, the CSS framework is set for a mobile approach, all modern browsers are fully compatible with MDBootstrap (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera).

A huge plus of MDBootstrap is detailed documentation and lots of tutorials. Together with Bootstrap you will learn many other powerful and useful technologies.

  • 500+ Basic components
  • 4,500+ Pro components
  • Detailed documentation
  • SASS, CSS, JS, HTML files
  • Tutorials
  • 9 Pro plugins
  • 50+ Premium sections
  • 8+ Basic modules
  • 22+ Pro modules
  • Enhanced Bootstrap Modals
  • JavaScript modularity
  • BrandFlow - Bootstrap automation software
  • 10 Pro page templates
  • Proffesional Premium Support
  • GitLab account and MDB Pro repository access
  • Elegant card
  • CSS Animations
  • Full social buttons
  • SideNav
  • Date picker
  • Hover effects
  • Time pickers
  • LightBox
  • Checkboxes
  • Stylish cards
  • Material select
  • Basic carousel
  • Multi-item carousel
  • Rotating card
  • Social reveal
  • Social animations
  • Animations on scroll
  • Skins
  • Color palette
  • Testimonials v.1
  • Testimonials v.2
  • Testimonials v.3
  • Testimonials v.4
  • Background image
  • StickyContent
  • Mobile
  • Icons
  • Features v.1
  • Features v.2
  • Features v.3
  • Features v.4
  • Masks
  • Page layouts
  • Layout utilities
  • Blog listing v.1
  • Blog listing v.2
  • Blog listing v.3
  • Blog listing v.4
  • Media utilities
  • Shopping cart table
  • Shadows
  • Contact section v.1
  • Contact section v.2
  • Simple tables
  • App intro
  • Contact Form intro
  • Call to Action Button intro
  • Minimalist intro
  • Classic Register Form intro
  • Parallax Effect intro
  • Video intro
  • Typography
  • Basic buttons
  • Product card wider
  • Product card narrower
  • Product card cascading
  • Review product card
  • Product card with cart
  • Outline buttons
  • Rounded buttons
  • Floating buttons
  • Fixed buttons
  • Flat button
  • Basic card
  • Table with buttons
  • Image overlays
  • Pricing section v.1
  • Pricing section v.2
  • Pricing section v.3
  • Pricing section v.4
  • Pricing section v.5
  • Cards group
  • Table with checkbox
  • Reviews
  • Simple social buttons
  • Basic dropdown
  • Products section v.1
  • Products section v.2
  • Products section v.3
  • Products section v.4
  • Input fields
  • Form with header
  • Form without header
  • Naked form
  • Register form
  • Contact form
  • Subscription form
  • Textarea
  • Radio buttons
  • Switch
  • File input
  • Navbar color schemes
  • Range
  • Character Counter
  • Breadcrumb
  • Material dropdowns
  • Chips
  • Google maps
  • Input groups
  • Project section v.1
  • Project section v.2
  • Project section v.3
  • Project section v.4
  • List group
  • Labels
  • Magazine newsfeed v.1
  • Magazine newsfeed v.2
  • Magazine newsfeed v.3
  • Pagination
  • Advanced footer
  • Parallax
  • Basic navbar
  • Scrolling navbar
  • Double navigation
  • Panels
  • Progress bars
  • Pre-loaders
  • Floating social buttons
  • Full social counters
  • Simple counters
  • Additional buttons
  • Social Icons
  • Social list
  • Tabs
  • Alerts
  • Thumbnails carousel
  • Video carousel
  • Team section v.1
  • Team section v.2
  • Team section v.3
  • Team section v.4
  • Standard charts
  • Minimalist charts
  • Collapse
  • Accordion
  • Basic modal
  • Login modal
  • Register modal
  • Contact modal
  • Subscription modal
  • Basic scrollspy
  • Smooth scroll
  • Tooltips
  • Cascading cards
  • Quick Look modal
  • Reply form logged
  • Simple Cart modal
  • Reply forms
  • Popovers
  • Products carousel
  • Author box
  • Comments
  • MDB-Pro 4.8.10
MDB 4.8.10 - 2019-09-16

MDB 4.8.10 was shipped with medium changes like fixing errors with material select, textarea and added simple charts to the addons section and created new documentation for this.

What's new?
  • Added resize option to the standard and outlin material textarea
  • Added new class "form-check-label-left" that will let you have checkbox label on the left
  • Simple charts moved to addon section. Now you have to add it to your project if you want to use it. Added extended documentation.
What's fixed?
  • Material select opt group will work properly with predefined element with attribute selected
  • Fixed padding and line-height settings for outline material select on Safari browser
  • Restored the blue color instead of black one to the material select
  • Removed unnecessary code for scrolling big navbar on mobile devices from fixed/sticky navbar
  • Fixed responsiveness of container existing together with slim side-nav

MD5 3305b98fb06d7dda343f7fdd678f80d2
SHA-1 390537e5089754203abea3486dbe85860b6d8f41
SHA-256 f4650c9d90e9988d590b0536fffbadd59f694ab41e75319c61e9397f6528826b
SSDEEP 49152:fARac1ZCallZXzgaaDZwZKyyjxCH2M4dlSmMyDLG8ONtypdt5ATkTJs++LbvS1FX:YCaFgaaDyNyj0NtyFOEzUpW8KtF
File type ZIP
Magic Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
File size 8.14 MB (8531358 bytes)
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1. Extract With download form
2. Done.


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Thanks so much for this! Been re-doing a website and it's a lot easier having these options to do a quick and dirty design here and there and make it more stream-lined :)


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can you upload any elswhere but not on duploads,


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The link works fine on my side! Working solutions for you would be following: Try with another web browser, or change the IP address with the VPN/proxy client or use JDownloader2 to grab the link!

Stop quoting the whole thread! Scroll down with the mouse and give the reply!


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Any chance of MDB Filter being included?
Files are css/addons/mdb-filter.css and js/mdb-filter.js

Thanks for this :) been looking for recent updates