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Torrent + Direct Nuance Dragon Professional Individual version for Windows + Keygen -=TeamOS=-


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I searching for a dutch language pack. I tried to read the pdf file, but the pdf file is damaged. Is er a change to post that pdf file here?
@Marco1985: This is the link to the PDF (I think it's the same that was referenced in the first post). However, it all seems to indicate how to get the User Interface (Installer, menu's, etc...) in another language and NOT how to get more language options in the Speech To Text functionality.

If anyone managed to get Speech To Text to work for any other language than English or German, I would appreciate if they could share the process. I've read through the current thread and did not find any pointers.

@Mirkec: Thanks so much for this upload + instructions, really appreciate it!

Raja P

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I installed it and everything is fine now. I unpacked the archive and installed by modifying the installer language as described by Mirkec in the OP.... Installed with proper speech files language and now it is working. Thanks!
can you repost the direction given by Mirkec i too got the same german language unable to change to english


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I've found this, about languages:
Dragon Professional Individual 15: Dutch / English / French / German / Italian / Spanish

Language tips:

Installing multiple languages:
Dragon includes English vocabularies. For Example, this means that after installing Dragon Professional Individual 15 Spanish, it is possible to create an English user profile.
When installing multiple languages, the versions must match.
When installing a second language, the installation process will prompt you to walk through a repair of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. During the repair process, the vocabularies for the second language will be installed. After installation, the vocabularies will be accessible from the "New User Profile Wizard".
Installing on different operating system languages:
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is configured to install and operate on the same language as the operating system.
To control the computer by voice, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking language must match the operating system language.
Availability to purchase a specific language:
Typically, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking availability depends on the region where the language is spoken. In most regions, only a single language is available for purchase. Please check the Nuance Online Store to check for availability in your region.

Hope it worth for everyone.

yes, finally I installed two times, but there is'nt a spanish language package. And noway to do it.
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Great Upload but a little outdated now. If you guys come acoss the updated (15.4) version it would be much appreciated.