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Torrent StudioLine Web Designer 4.2.61 >>>TeamOs<<<


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If you are a professional website builder, StudioLine Web is your first assistant. To work with StudioLine Web, there is no need
to know programming languages such as: PHP, HTML, PERL. Working in StudioLine Web is as easy as building a constructor.
The clear and easy-to-use interface of the StudioLine Web program allows you to master the program in a few minutes.
StudioLine Web is equipped with a built-in wizard for creating sites, which will offer you many ready-made templates for
creating a unique project.

StudioLine Web also supports importing images from PC-connected devices. In addition, images imported into StudioLine Web
can be edited and processed. When creating a site, StudioLine Web displays its structure in the form of a tree, which helps much
faster navigate through the sections of the project and copy information. StudioLine Web is equipped with a variety of graphic
and animation effects, and also imports Flash projects.

In addition, the developers of the application have added many ready-made templates to it, on the basis of which you will create
your own unique design for the site. By the way, you can import images for a future web page both from your computer hard drive
and from local media. StudioLine Web Designer has a convenient navigation system for project files. In the course of work,
the program displays the structure of the site sections in the form of a tree-like directory. This helps the user to easily
find the desired files and edit them.

Web Design with Integrated Image Editor and Archive
Your create collages, edit image and use graphics effects directly in the page editor and instantly will see the results.
With the media explorer your media assets - fotos, graphics, videos and sound bits. Image tools (filters) are applied as needed
while working on your web page layout. Page templates let you position your design elements precisely and consistently,
with the help of rulers and a guideline manager. Easily create menus and sub-menus for user friendly site navigation.

No HTML Programming Knowledge
Use the page editor to add content to your pages. Arrange text and images as needed until you are happy with the outcome.
You can position content freely anywhere on your page, making use of a variety of available layout aids. Of course, snippets of your own
custom HTML code can be embedded, if you should ever have the need.

Irregular Image Shapes
In StudioLine, images not limited to rectangular shapes. The actual shape of an image defines it's clickable area,
not just in the StudioLine editor but also on the published web page. This enables complex layering of images without
having to create and maintain traditional "image maps".

Shadows, Borders, Gradients and Rounded Corners
No need for external image editing software or learning HTML or CSS syntax. With StudioLine, you easily design your graphical elements
using the integrated image tools.

Design Elements
Use intelligent container objects, called Design Elements, to automatically arrange text and images in a grid.
Various settings control layout rules, such as horizontal and vertical alignment, spacing and margins. With that information,
StudioLine will dynamically place and align the contained texts and images to fit within the available column width.

Professional Image Editing
Numerous images tools such as white balance, unsharp mask oder RGB mixer are available. All editing steps are non-destructive;
they are kept in a database and the original image remains untouched. A few quick steps and your foto set will appear as a slide show,
is published as a gallery to the web or burned onto CD / DVD, or is sent via email to your circle of friends.

Archival Made Easy
Categorize your images with unlimited text in system and user descriptors or by assigning keywords and ratings. After that,
searching for specific images or those matching a certain theme is child's play.

Mobile Pages
Develop web pages for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The web effects created by StudioLine are optimized to work
on all popular mobile Internet devices.

Embed Slideshow on Web Page
Simply adding or removing images in your MediaCenter is all that's needed to change your slide shows - no need to manually update your
web site each time.

Read the Read-Me Supplied

Language:English / German / French / Italian / Spanish
File Size: 146 MB

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1

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great software - will seed in seedbox


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Looks like a useful tool. Thanks a lot! Can't wait to check it out :rock:


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thanks for this easy to use website builder... powerful tool for every beginner willing to make their website looks like it was made by a pro!!! :rock: