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Direct Wondershare PDFelement version Repack -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
56.1 GB
15.2 TB

Wondershare PDFelement is a software solution designed to bring together all the standard and necessary tools that are PDF related. With the tool user can quickly edit and customize PDF files with ease, using a set of intuitive tools that are designed to fit all its needs, all packed within a neat GUI. Furthermore, a user can view documents, create new from other files, edit existing ones, convert them to other formats, and even sign them using valid signatures.

Wondershare PDFelement displays a more than comprehensive interface. At its core, a user has a large preview section, a ribbon-like top panel that should be familiar to the user, and a side toolbar that lets him view the thumbnails, bookmarks, annotations, and search for content. The application enables a user to open any PDF document, and with a few clicks, the user can add text or access the OCR tool. Users can open and work with multiple files at the same time, extract specific pages, and even combine PDF documents.

With Wondershare PDFelement it is possible to convert the original to DOC, XLS, PPT, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, ePub, HTML, and RTF formats. This is one of the many reasons for which this application is ideal when it comes to transferring crucial data that is needed by different third-party applications. It allows the user to insert additional content into a PDF document without affecting its initial quality. It is possible to add images, links, watermarks, stamps, notes, highlights, and use different tools to create annotations. It also offers the means to apply an open password to a PDF and apply various types of permissions which make sure that no unauthorized person can copy, edit, or extract content.

Wondershare PDFelement combines all the functions and features of a powerful PDF managing tool that users can undoubtedly use to improve documents or create new ones that fit their needs.

Open and read PDF file
  • Adjust view settings, set default page layout and zoom;
  • Quickly search and replace text;
  • Create and navigate between bookmarks;
  • View metadata and document restrictions;
  • Print any PDF file;
  • View and navigate page thumbnails;
  • Open and switch between multiple PDF files using tabs;
  • Quick access to frequently opened PDF files with Recent Files list automatically;
  • Navigate through pages with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Review and Comment
  • Highlight, underline, or strikethrough text for easy PDF review and annotating;
  • Markup and comment tools (text boxes, notes, shapes, typewriter, text underline, stamps, cross-out, highlight);
  • Drawing tools including pencil, lines, arrow, ovals, rectangles, cloud, polygon;
  • View, add, delete and manage comments directly in PDF files;
  • Comment pane to sort annotations and commentaries by page, date, author, and type;
  • Create and manage a library of existing and customized stamps;
  • Add file attachments in PDFs;
  • Add annotations continuously with a switch to hide preference toolbar.

Edit and Modify
  • Edit, move, cut, delete, copy, paste and insert new text and images;
  • Edit, delete, cut, copy, paste, and add original text and images in scanned (image) PDFs using OCR technology;
  • Line and Paragraph Mode text editing;
  • Change font attributes (type, size, and style, alignment);
  • Add and move text and images with alignment guide;
  • Apply, update or remove the background;
  • Delete, add, move and rotate images;
  • Support editing the objects in the form XObject;
  • Manage pages in a PDF (insert, reorder, crop, extract, delete and rotate pages);
  • Modify documents in thumbnail view or through ribbon (extract, add, remove, replace, rotate, reorder, split);
  • Split PDFs by number of pages or bookmarks;
  • Extract pages;
  • Insert, update or remove custom watermarks;
  • Batch process watermarks;
  • Insert, update or delete headers and footers (including page numbering and date);
  • Apply Bates Numbering with advanced formatting;
  • Insert and edit hyperlinks;
  • Spellchecking for text;
  • Added Page Labeling;
  • Adjustable Page Boxes;
  • Edit any graphics-based objects;
  • Support multi-tiled screen display and drag operation;
  • Set the absolute size to the watermark in documents.

Create and Merge
  • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office files (.docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt);
  • Create PDFs from image files (.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .bmp);
  • Create PDFs from HTML;
  • Create PDFs from Scanner;
  • Create PDFs from any application with "print" function (Virtual Printer);
  • Create a searchable PDF from an image-only PDF with OCR technology;
  • Batch create PDF from multiple files and filetypes;
  • Create a single PDF document by merging multiple filetypes.

Conversion and OCR
  • Convert PDF into other fully editable formats .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .epub, .txt, .rtf, .html, .hwpx, .hwp;
  • Convert scanned (image) PDF into fully searchable and editable PDF using OCR technology;
  • Advanced conversion settings;
  • Batch convert PDF files into another file format;
  • Support PDF/A;
  • OCR text recognition and conversion of multilingual documents 25+ languages;
  • Use OCR to preserve and reproduce document layout and formatting elements (headers, footers, graphics, footnotes, page numbering, captions);
  • Extract all images in a PDF to separate image files;
  • Select "Searchable Text Image" or "Editable Text" mode when performing OCR.

Form Creation and Filler
  • Fill PDF forms;
  • Automatic form creation with Form Auto-Recognition;
  • Automatic data extraction from digital and scanned PDF forms;
  • Batch data extraction from digital and scanned PDF forms;
  • Label and extract data from selected form fields;
  • Export or import form data to/from FDF format;
  • Manually create fillable PDF forms with checkbox, radio button, text field, list box, etc.;
  • Apply form fields with alignment guide;
  • Set tab order for form fields;
  • Custom actions on form objects (import form data, open a file, open a web page, submit a form, etc.);
  • Access to the collection of prebuilt, customizable fillable forms;
  • Read and fill XFA-based PDF forms.

Secure and Share
  • Create and apply digital signature;
  • Validate digital signature;
  • Redact sensitive text and images;
  • Search document and automatically redact matched text;
  • Redaction text properties including color, redaction codes and custom overlay text;
  • Password-protect PDFs to and restrict access to content;
  • Password Management to assist in opening files with frequently used passwords;
  • Send PDF as an email attachment;
  • Save your PDF files to popular cloud storage services Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox;
  • PDF optimizer for reduced file sizes;
  • Print with comments and form fields.

  • Edit PDF files like in a word processor to minimize the learning curve and maximize productivity;
  • Compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe Reader;
  • Online Help and Video Tutorials to ensure users have access to the latest information when using PDFelement 6.

What is new in version 7.6.0 (Released on June 17, 2020):
  • Support to recognize the selected area in PDF using OCR;
  • Fix the crash issue that might happen in certain situations;
  • Corrections and improvements in many small details.

What is new in version 7.5.4 (Released on April 29, 2020):
  • Support to remove watermarks from PDF in batch;
  • Fix the crash issue that might happen in certain situations;
  • Corrections and improvements in many small details.

What is new in version 7.1 (Released on September 23, 2019):
  • The official home webpage does not provide any information about this version.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (64-bit).
A computer with an Intel® Pentium® 4, higher, or equivalent processor
RAM: 512 MB, 1 GB recommended;
HDD: 1.5GB;
Web access needed for product registration, activation, product help, and obtaining live updates for the program.

Note: The performance and speed of processing the documents vary based on the user computer's processor, memory, and available disk space. Please ensure that it exceeds the system requirements.

Install notes:
1. Run the executable file or command-line interpreter program for silent installation;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to DeltaFox, who made and shared the patch with us!

File: Wondershare PDFelement
MD5: md5,D65D1B58EC2A83D7FFE2C9194538BE56

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

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