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Torrent Xvid4psp 7.0.361 Daily Portable [multi ] (x86x64)

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XviD4PSP 7.0.361 DAILY Portable [Multi ]

The program version: 7.0.360 DAILY
Language: Russian, English, Ukrainian
Treatment : not required

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (x32 / x64)

Description : XviD4PSP - universal batch audio / Video converter, which allows to work with almost all known media formats (AVI, DIVX, ASF, MPG, MPE, M2V, MPEG, VOB and many others). The program is notable for the lack of dependence on the availability of system components and installed codecs.
Presets are also available, allowing fast conversion for various mobile devices, such as PSP, PS3, XBOX 360, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, PC and Hardware DVD.
• Completely independent of system components and codecs.
• Includes all the newest and free codecs.
• Compact size of the program.
• Convenient batch processing.
• Quick work with files.
• Ability to independently create presets for your device.
• More settings for H264 codec.
• Quick scan the volume.
• Quick scan interface.
• A wide range of output formats and codecs
• Supports several audio tracks.
• You can stop the encoding at any time and get a 100% working file.

Imported formats:

Exported formats:

Main changes:
  • Various minor fixes.
  • As part of the early testing, the Clustered Encoding Engine is unlocked (for now, without the support of trims, joins, passes and metrics).
  • A lot of different fixes, changes and optimizations.
  • The preview now shows the type of the current frame.
  • The merging of files can now be managed through the tab Cutting.
  • Completely new logic combining files and adding external tracks.
  • Now you can combine not only files, but also BD / DVD.
  • Fixed crash on systems with damaged fonts.
  • Fixed crash on systems with OpenGL 1.
  • The "noise reduction" option is returned for x262, x264 codecs and added for x265.
  • All codecs and libraries have been fully updated to the latest versions and re-assembled.
  • Fixed crash on adding jobs when running encoding.
  • Completely rewritten OpenGL rendering engine preview: faster, smoother, more stable.
  • Fixed the reset of the selected save path when updating the meta.
  • Decoded WMAPRO sound.
  • Fixed output of tooltips on Windows systems.
  • Completely rewritten the reading engine BD and DVD: faster, smarter, more accurate.
  • To the tasks were added pop-up hints with information about the source file.
  • Added a button for deleting a series / movie from the list of search results.
  • Now you can merge files with different order of streams.
  • An additional button is added to search for episodes by name when receiving meta data.
  • The opportunity to combine already integrated tasks or piece DVDs is realized.
  • Fixed creating MP4 files with bookmarks.
  • A new mechanism for synchronizing audio delays on file merging.
  • Audio delay can now be controlled from filters.
  • Now you can merge files with different audio delays without the effects of out-of-sync.
  • Various corrections and optimizations in the decoding of timecodes.
  • Added automatic distribution of bookmarks when dividing composite BD / DVD.
  • Added protection against creating too large a read buffer on files with a large packet size.
  • More precise positions end the encoding.
  • The program settings have been reorganized.
  • The option of selecting from four decoding modes of timecodes is added: Best effort, Reorder PTS, DTS, Resync.
  • When coding by cutting, now run special filters.
  • Added check for the ability to automatically attach a file when opening BD / DVD.
  • Changing the audio track now immediately changes the playable track in the preview.
  • In the preview, the shortcut menu for changing the current audio track is added.
  • The preview now takes into account the delay in sound.
  • Various fixes for the transition functions for a given frame.
  • Prevents the creation of some codecs unnecessary frames (AAC and MP3).
  • Activation of file merging on various types of scanning.
  • Increased the speed of opening jobs with a large number of merged files or segments.
  • Various fixes for the mode of replacing source files.
  • A more accurate way to create audio timecode when encoding.
  • Completely rewritten and updated to new logic engine capture from devices.
  • Added a screen capture device (so far only OSX).
  • Corrected the definition of text encoding on Windows systems.
  • The tab Metadata added buttons: the original encoding of the text, the removal of metadata, the removal of covers.
  • Increase stability and speed for applying filters in the preview.
  • Added new presets for Sony PS4 and Apple TV 4.
  • Added a button to call the capture from the main interface of the program.
  • Fixed bugs when converting text encoding.
  • To bookmark the chapter, you added buttons and import and export chapters in XML format.
  • The button for importing folders or DVD / BD is added for the task panel.
  • To increase the stability of the encoding codec x262 - had to disable processor optimization.
  • Fixed high probability of departure when sending some log messages.
  • Fixed the possibility of a curve reading some DVDs.
  • The Single and MT encoding modes are rewritten to a clean package and queue management system with protection against the large size of each queue.
  • Minimized the impact of updating the interface on the speed of the encoding process.
  • Increased the speed of progress update.
  • The probability of an accidental relegation during long encoding on Windows systems has been eliminated.
  • Increase the coding rate.
  • Added support for opening M3U playlists.
  • The ability to open and capture IPTV is added.
  • Added the ability to open Final Cut Pro X XML files as an already-sliced task.
  • To add a chapter, the button for creating chapters by slicing points has been added.
  • Fully managed cutting control.
  • Improved the accuracy of cutting on files with 2X deinterlacing.
  • Clicking on the B image of the cutting segment now immediately activates the control of the B piece.
  • The preview player now shows exactly how the cut pieces will be sewn.
  • Added support for hardware decoding - VT, VDA, DXVA2, D3D11VA.
  • On the filters tab added control bit-stream filters for copying.
  • Fixed broken repacking with bitstream filters.
  • Packet queues are translated to a faster waiting mechanism - under favorable conditions, a double speed increase.
  • Capture for OSX is rewritten to a low-level CoreMediaIO that allows you to capture directly without additional clipping and provides a unique opportunity to avoid decoding and decoder damage (non-stopping audio clicks) when the signal is temporarily interrupted when digitized from VHS or other analog devices (iMovie, Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere and probably other capture programs for OSX), as well as in the long term to record from the iPhone screen (does not work yet).
  • Implemented capture for Windows devices.
  • Fixed the installation of min-max bit rate for the current number of channels.
  • Added protection against the timecode duplicates with the floating step of encoding video and audio.
  • After receiving the metadata, the iTunes media type and the HD flag are now automatically installed.
  • The probability of a curve for detecting encoding on iTunes files has been fixed.
  • Downloading and scaling pictures now does not block the program interface.
  • Fixed anomalous behavior of tooltips on windows systems.
  • Fixed probability of departure when working with lists.
  • Smart copy mode now correctly restores the flags of key packets for interlaced video and sound.
  • There are many different fixes for Slicing and skipping.
  • Fixed a random rash during codec encoding of codecs.
  • Fixed crash x262 codec at the end of interlace coding.
  • For the preview, the button for saving the current frame is added.
  • Enhanced volume control.
  • Smart copy mode no longer hides the ejection of damaged packages.
  • The ability to transfer all metadata and covers from one job to another is added.
  • Added protection against gaps in audio decoding.
  • The general algorithm for filtering encoding and copying is rewritten - now not a single frame will disappear.
  • For the BD read engine, processing of AB cropping points from the disk structure is connected.
  • For Windows 7 and newer systems, the status bar on the program icon in the taskbar has been added.
  • Fixed copying multi-packet codecs in Smart mode.
  • Now logs are written separately for each job.
  • A sharpness control filter is added.
  • Logs are united into a single whole.
  • Now if the logging mode is selected, they will be saved next to the final file.
  • Added the ability to export to GIF format.
  • Fixed high probability of falling asleep when several tasks were coded.
  • Fixed a random congestion of the focus with text controls on Windows systems.
  • Fixed clearing text selection when calling context menu on Windows systems.
  • Various fixes for working with filters.
  • Added cross-platform slider control.
  • Added HQDN3D noise cancellation filter.
  • Fixed scrolling of lists in modal windows on Windows systems.
  • More correct modal windows for Windows systems.
  • Updated the global settings of the program.
  • Added Ukrainian localization.
  • The forced choice of the program language is added.
  • The sharpening filter received simple and advanced settings.
  • Unused filters are now automatically collapsed, and active unfolds.
  • Added Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Gamma filter.
  • Fixed GOP size for DVD PAL and NTSC presets.
  • WAV files are now created in 64 bit mode when the threshold is reached at 4 gb.
  • The Info tab has been completely updated, downloaded and localized.
  • The Info tab has the ability to scan in detail: loudness, bit rate, scan type, frame rate, GOP, black fields.
  • The function of comparative quality scanning (PSNR and SSIM) also settled on the Info tab.
  • Compression scanner is added - 1% every 15% of the duration. When scanning with codecs x262, x264, x265, PSNR and SSIM metrics are automatically turned on.
  • The general settings of the program are completely localized.
  • Covers are no longer tied to a specific type.
  • New look and logic for the cover section.
  • The look and location of the task list now has three different styles: Elephant, Zebra, Horse.
  • The "About" window has been completely updated.
  • Added loader of the program.
  • Now when you add a new cover, the name cover is automatically assigned.
  • Fixed distortion of colors when converting pixel format JPEG <> MPEG.
  • Any changes to the pixel format settings are now also shown in the preview.
  • Fully localized main menu, the tab filters and the bookmark codecs.
  • Completely new kind and logic of management of streams and codecs.
  • Now you can separately manage each codec in the stream group.
  • Added full support for copying and converting subtitles.
  • Fixed high probability of out of sync on some files.
  • Added additional protection from obsolete settings and presets.
  • Filters have been managed by presets.
  • Fixed high probability of departure when receiving metadata from the Internet.
  • Dynamic localization is accelerated more than a hundred times.
  • Significantly improved the responsiveness of various interface elements, especially PopupCombo, the Filters and Codecs tab.
  • Now, at any time, you can create a new format preset, even on an open job.
  • Added control interface for the aspect correction filter with black margins.
  • For MKV format, ready-made 1080p / 720p 10-bit presets are added.
  • PopupCombo is maximally pumped and upgraded for apple convenience canons.
  • For OSX systems, support for Retina screens has been added.
  • Fixed launching the program on older OSX systems - 10.7-10.9.
  • Updated the design of the BD / DVD import window.
  • The text field has been updated to internal rendering and the universal style.
  • Improved work with texts on Windows systems.
  • Various visual fixes for Windows systems.
  • Updated design and logic for digital input fields.
  • Buttons are updated to internal rendering and universal style.
  • Updated the codecs libass, libav, VPX, x264, x265.
  • Buttons, editable combo, search box, check boxes and segment control are updated to internal rendering and universal style.
  • The logic for creating and modifying format and codec presets is optimized to a single and more convenient system.
  • Added support for working with sound 11.1.
  • In the preview, the "Split into parts" button is added.
  • Fixed high probability of audio timecode errors when encoding into AVI container.
  • Corrected the definition and transformation of the encoding of the metadata text.
  • The control class for the XviD codec is completely rewritten based on xvid_encraw.
  • Fixed compliance with the specified bitrate XviD codec on windows systems.
  • For XviD codec, a detailed output of the arguments to the log is added.
  • For XviD codec, the ability to accept CLI arguments in xvid_encraw format is added.
  • For the XviD codec, an XHQ preset is added.
  • Fixed coding in MP4 format with XviD codec.
  • The build environment has been updated to GCC 5.4.0 + mingw 4.0.6.
  • Presets HQ, SHQ and XHQ for x264 codec are pumped to a higher quality.
  • For x264 codec, HQ Hi10, SHQ Hi10 and XHQ Hi10 presets are added.
  • For the MKV MP4 M4V and MOV formats, presets 2160p are added.
  • The consumption of RAM is limited when scanning with quality metrics.
  • Dialogs updated to internal rendering and universal style.
  • Info tab has the ability to display a picture of the volume for each channel.
  • The volume snapshots no longer require a mandatory save for a quick recalculation of the volume.
  • In the preview options are added drawing the final sound wave - any changes in sound in real time are visible in the preview.
  • Scanning the sound wave has been supported by the continuation of the scan.
  • In the preview, the button for switching the modes of displaying the sound wave is added.
  • Added a new metadata source - the iTunes Store. Supports many different languages. Is able to search for many different types of meta data: movies, serials, music, albums, tracks, video clips, audiobooks, podcasts.
  • Added a new metadata source - TheMoviesDB. Supports a lot of different languages, looking for movies and TV shows.
  • Added support for reading CUE files.
  • A large-scale update of the design and logic of obtaining meta data from the Internet.
  • Bookmark The Metadata has received a full list of genres.
  • Added protection against reading empty packets when decoding PGS subtitles.
  • Removed all duplicate presets from the M4V format, there were only Apple TV presets with AC3 codecs.
  • Presets Sony PS3 and PS4 are divided into 720p and 1080p, as well as updated to the current settings.
  • Added audio coder and OPUS format. Available in the formats: OPUS, MKV, MPEGTS.
  • Work with bitstream filters is translated to automatic control of the mixer.
  • Information on the mode of packing bi-frames in MPEG4 streams has been added to the Info tab.
  • Circular download progress is rewritten to a single universal style.
  • OpenGL preview is completely rewritten and optimized.
  • A mandatory check is made to use the most recent build.
  • Now when a new assembly is found, the program itself can update itself.
  • All settings are now stored in the working folder of the program and are saved only when the closure is successful.
  • The work with the menu «Recent files» is registered.
  • Presets for codecs are translated into JSON format.
  • Presets formats are globally reformed and translated into JSON format.
  • For the sample formats, a 24-bit extension is added.
  • The maximum number of reference frames is now automatically reduced to the specified level.
  • Added output in MXF format and presets D-10 Mapping 30/40 / 50mbps.
  • The maximum resolution is increased to 8K (4320p).
  • Codecs x262, x264 and x265 are now able to accept arguments in Info format and automatically remove unknown or erroneous options.
  • For the GIF codec, all possible frame rates are unlocked.
  • In the top Tools menu, the Encoding Speed Test (formerly WEST) is added.
  • X265 received support for encoding in YUV422P, YUV420P10, YUV422P10, YUV444P10, YUV420P12, YUV422P12, YUV444P12.
  • When editing metadata, changes are now applied to all selected files.
  • The work is previewed on systems without video drivers and with OpenGL 1.0.
Update distribution history:
  • 09.03.17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.361 DAILY
  • 03/07/17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.360 DAILY
  • 21.02.17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.358 DAILY
  • 20.02.17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.357 DAILY
  • 19.02.17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.356 DAILY
  • 18.02.17 - XviD4PSP 7.0.355 DAILY
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Thanks a lot. I hope it's not gonna ask for an update.


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I instaled Xvid4PSP, but it asks for an update, and when I updat it, it asls for paying to get if not the software shut down. Well, I'm still looking for the software cracked. Please, make me know it when you got it. Thank you anyway.