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Direct Yoast Seo Premium v 11.3 - Collection of SEO plugins WordPress


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Yoast SEO is definitely one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available today – proven by the fact that it has been downloaded over 4.5 million times! The fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt either. Apart from improving your website’s SEO in all aspects, this plugin goes that extra mile to take care of every technical optimization. Moreover it offers a wide variety of features that makes it an all-in-one SEO plugin.
  • Create better content: The snippet preview allows you to see how your page or post will look like in search results.
  • Page Analysis: This feature checks minute things such as length of the posts, a presence of a meta description and whether it contains the focused keyword etc.
  • Meta and link elements: With this plugin, you’d have the power to determine the pages which would be shown by Google in its search results and which won’t be. While WordPress only exhibits canonical link elements on a page, Yoast SEO makes it available everywhere.
  • XML sitemaps: With its most advanced XML sitemaps feature, this plugin creates XML sitemaps automatically and informs Google and Bing of its existence.
  • Social integration: Yoast SEO comes equipped with Facebook OpenGraph implementation to link SEO and social media.
  • Multi-site compatibility: Unlike some other plugins, Yoast SEO is multisite compatible.
  • Breadcrumbs: This unique feature empowers you to develop easy navigation for both search engines and users.
Yoast SEO 11.3: Even more enhancements
In Yoast SEO 11.3, we’re now letting users set an image for persons as well. Just go to SEO → Search Appearance → Knowledge Graph & and pick or upload an image. This image will now be added to the structured data graph for this particular user.

High-time for another release, namely Yoast SEO 11.3. This release features enhancements and bug fixes aimed at improving the way your favorite SEO plugin performs.

  • When the site is set to represent a person, a logo/avatar to be used in the knowledge graph can now be selected in the Search Appearance settings.
  • Adds the wpseo_should_index_links filter that can be used to disable the link indexation.
  • Enables builtin Taxonomies for the ‘Content type archive to show in breadcrumbs for taxonomies’ section to allow the Blog archive page be added to the breadcrumbs.
  • Props to @ramiy for making translating the plugin easier by merging near identical strings.
  • Fixes a bug where sitemaps would be shown in the sitemap_index.xml but result in a 404 when requested.
  • Fixes a bug where the schema output would include an invalid publisher when the site was set to represent a person.
  • Fixes a bug where a Person schema object would be output, when the site was set to represent a person, but no specific person was selected.
  • Fixes a bug where it would no longer be possible to change the user in the Search Appearance settings when the previously selected user had been deleted.

  • Removes the help center from the metabox.
  • Removes redundant name attribute from author in Article schema markup piece.
  • Increases the MyYoast API request timeout from 1 to 5 seconds, to give servers with a less optimal connection to our services more room to fetch the data.

Yoast SEO 11.2.1
Yoast SEO Premium - the latest version of the collection of premium SEO plugins for WordPress. The compilation includes: Yoast Local SEO for WooCommerce, Yoast Local SEO for WordPress, Yoast News SEO for WordPress & Google, Yoast SEO Premium, Yoast Video SEO for WordPress, Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin.

  • Fixes a bug where the metabox would be empty on WordPress versions below 5.0.
  • Fixes a bug where the metabox would be empty when both the classic editor plugin as well as the Gutenberg plugin were installed.
  • Introduces a notification that encourages updating to the latest WordPress version.
Release Date: May 15th, 2019
  • Introduces a fallback to the first image in the content for the schema output when no featured image has been set.
  • Adds a wpseo_schema_person_social_profiles filter to allow filtering in/out extra social profiles to show.
  • Adds a wpseo_schema_needs_ filter that allows filtering graph pieces in or out.
  • Adds a wpseo_sitemap_post_statuses filter to add posts with custom post statuses to the sitemap. Props to and .
  • Adds a custom overlay color to the snippet preview modal.
  • Adds the correct focus style to the Configuration Wizard navigation buttons.
  • Props to for making translating the plugin easier by merging near identical strings.
  • Fixes a bug where the URL to Pinterest’s claim page was incorrect. Props .
  • Fixes a bug where notifications about incompatibility would be thrown for inactive add-ons.
  • Fixes a bug where URLs with a non-Yoast SEO related xsl query string parameter would result in a blank page. Props and .
  • Removes the add_opengraph_namespace filter because the HTML namespace is not used anymore.
  • Decouples the sitemap debug information from the general WP_DEBUGdevelopment flag and introduces the YOAST_SEO_DEBUG_SITEMAPS flag to better control this functionality.
Release Date: May 6th, 2019
  • Fixes a bug where an empty width and height would be outputted in the image schema when there was no retrievable width and height.
  • Fixes a bug where using the $context argument in the deprecated wpseo_json_ld_output filter would result in a fatal error when using PHP 7.1 or higher.
  • Adds a notification to explain why users’ Google Search Console reports are no longer showing any entries. .
  • Removes the Google Search Console step from the configuration wizard.
Release Date: April 30th, 2019
  • Improves how we generate the image parts for the Schema output. .
  • Adds filesize to whitelisted properties on $image. Props to .
  • Optimizes the code to avoid an unnecessary DB query to remove notifications storage when it’s already empty. Props to .
  • Improves the breadcrumbs accessibility by adding aria-current to the active item.
  • Fixes a bug where the position of the buttons in the FAQ and How-To structured data blocks was compromised when running the development build of Gutenberg.
  • Fixed a bug where social profile settings would be empty because it was relying on the user choosing whether the site represents a company or a person.
Release Date: April 16th, 2019
We’ve made huge changes to the markup we output, adding multiple different types of Schema. Be sure to check !
  • Schema changes:
    • Adds Person markup for author pages.
    • Adds WebPage markup for all pages.
    • Adds Article markup for posts, with Person markup for the author.
    • Changes the ‘Organization or Person’ section of the Knowledge graph settings to allow selecting an author that is the ‘Person’ that the website represents.
  • Adds MySpace, SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube URL input fields to people’s profiles.
  • Fixes an issue where the metabox would not display on term edit pages when running the development build of Gutenberg.

1. Upload the `wordpress-seo` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the Yoast SEO plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. Go to "after activation" below.

Plugin Requirements

Our hosting requirements are similar to the core WordPress program:
  • PHP version 5.4 or greater (we recommend 7.3 or greater)
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
  • PHP memory of 256M or greater
Note 1: Yoast SEO may work on legacy environments that do not meet the above requirements.
Note 2: If you do need to increase your PHP memory this guide can get you started.

Requirements for Premium Plugins
In addition to the general requirements above, we recommend running current versions of everything on your site from applications to plugins. Our support team will not support anything but the latest and the prior to last version of WordPress core and our plugins. Learn why here.

To receive update notifications for premium plugins, your host must support:
  • cURL 7.34.0 or greater (released December 2013)
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1 or greater (released March 2012)
  • TLS 1.2 or greater (released August 2008)
  • Do not use SSL v3

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