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Yoast SEO is definitely one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available today – proven by the fact that it has been downloaded over 4.5 million times! The fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt either. Apart from improving your website’s SEO in all aspects, this plugin goes that extra mile to take care of every technical optimization. Moreover it offers a wide variety of features that makes it an all-in-one SEO plugin.
  • Create better content: The snippet preview allows you to see how your page or post will look like in search results.
  • Page Analysis: This feature checks minute things such as length of the posts, a presence of a meta description and whether it contains the focused keyword etc.
  • Meta and link elements: With this plugin, you’d have the power to determine the pages which would be shown by Google in its search results and which won’t be. While WordPress only exhibits canonical link elements on a page, Yoast SEO makes it available everywhere.
  • XML sitemaps: With its most advanced XML sitemaps feature, this plugin creates XML sitemaps automatically and informs Google and Bing of its existence.
  • Social integration: Yoast SEO comes equipped with Facebook OpenGraph implementation to link SEO and social media.
  • Multi-site compatibility: Unlike some other plugins, Yoast SEO is multisite compatible.
  • Breadcrumbs: This unique feature empowers you to develop easy navigation for both search engines and users.
Yoast SEO: News v12.4.1
Yoast SEO: Local v12.7
Yoast SEO: WooCommerce v12.6.1
Yoast SEO: Video v12.4
In Yoast SEO 13.2, you’ll find a number of checks moved to the WordPress Site Health tool. Site Health was introduced in WordPress 5.2 as a way to help site owners and managers get a sense of how their site is doing, technically speaking.

  • Adds the capability to view Site Health to the SEO Manager role.
  • Adds a cURL minimal version check to Site Health.
  • Moves the “The postname is present in your permalink”-notification from the SEO Dashboard to Site Health.
  • Moves the “You are using the default WordPress tagline”-notification from the SEO Dashboard to Site Health.
  • Moves the “Your site is indexable”-notification and widget from the SEO dashboard to Site Health.
  • Improves the usability of the “Your site is indexable” Site Health check.
  • Adds error handling for the “Your site is indexable” status request.
  • Adds an ID to the FAQ sections in the Schema output.
  • Removes the “Check headers”-tool from the Yoast Admin bar menu, as it is no longer available.







== Installation ==
Starting with Yoast SEO consists of just two steps: installing and setting up the plugin. Yoast SEO is designed to work with your site’s specific needs, so don’t forget to go through the Yoast SEO configuration wizard as explained in the ‘after activation’ step!


1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
1. Search for ‘Yoast SEO’;
1. Activate Yoast SEO from your Plugins page;
1. Go to ‘after activation’ below.


1. Upload the ‘wordpress-seo’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
1. Activate the Yoast SEO plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
1. Go to ‘after activation’ below.


1. You should see (a notice to start) the Yoast SEO configuration wizard;
1. Go through the configuration wizard and set up the plugin for your site;
1. You’re done!

For More Read "ReadMe.txt".

Plugin Requirements

Our hosting requirements are similar to the core WordPress program:
  • PHP version 5.6.20 or greater (we recommend 7.3 or greater)
    • Requires at least: 5.2
    • Tested up to: 5.3.2
    • Stable tag: 13.1
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
  • PHP memory of 256M or greater
Note 1: Yoast SEO may work on legacy environments that do not meet the above requirements.
Note 2: If you do need to increase your PHP memory this guide can get you started.

Requirements for Premium Plugins
In addition to the general requirements above, we recommend running current versions of everything on your site from applications to plugins. Our support team will not support anything but the latest and the prior to last version of WordPress core and our plugins. Learn why here.

To receive update notifications for premium plugins, your host must support:
  • cURL 7.34.0 or greater (released December 2013)
  • OpenSSL 1.0.1 or greater (released March 2012)
  • TLS 1.2 or greater (released August 2008)
  • Do not use SSL v3


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