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Torrent YouTube-dl 2020.11.24 + gui 2.24

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youtube-dl is a cool program that lets you download YouTube clips through the command line, can help you implement this feature into your software, plus you can get complete playlists, and you can also manage many settings.

There are many options that can be configured with this program, they focus on network selection, video, upload, file system, thumbnails, simulation, video format, subtitles, authentication, Adobe Pass, post-processing and so on. Apart from some of the C ++ runtime libraries, there are no software dependencies here. In addition, the software does not require installation, so you can call the youtube-dl process from the console window and use the -help command to view all parameters.

Write youtube-dl [OPTIONS] URL [URL ...], this is the easiest way to download a link via YouTube without worrying about any settings, you need a URL after the process name. Downloaded videos are automatically saved in the same location as the app and have the name of the downloaded videos. In terms of general options, you can cancel further downloads if any errors occur when retrieving playlists (--abort-on-error), display all supported extractors (--list-extractors), or list videos in a playlist instead of downloading them (--flat-playlist).

Network parameters revolve around a proxy (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS) and forward all connections over IPv4 or IPv6 (-4, --force-ipv4 or -6, --force-ipv6). As for the video selection commands, you can specify the start and end of the playlist (--playlist-start NUMBER and --playlist-end NUMBER), you can only download certain videos from the playlist by specifying their number (- playlist-items ITEM_SPEC) or get only clips with matching title in regular expression format or case insensitive (--match-title REGEX).

The youtube-dl program can write thumbnails to disk (--write-thumbnail), it is possible to activate quiet mode (-q or --quiet), suppress HTTPS certificate verification (--no-check-certificate), download all available videos and format (--all-format), write subtitle files (--write-sub), and log in with a specific account ID and password (-u or --username USERNAME and -p or --password PASSWORD).

You can see the rest of the settings when choosing the help command, in general, a good development, really very cool, who understands the command line will be able to appreciate all its goodies.

Developer : Ricardo Garcia Gonzalez

License : Free
Language : English
Size : 8 MB
OS : Windows XP + Latest
Version : 2020.11.24

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