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Tech News Microsoft has taken another big step towards unifying the .NET platform


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Microsoft has unveiled its new project called Pluton, in which it is collaborating with AMD, Intel and Qualcomm to create x86 and ARM processors that include a security component.

At its core, Pluton is an evolution of the existing TPM module that you can find in many modern computers. The TPM stores security-related information about your operating system and enables features such as Windows Hello. But despite the additional protection it provides to computers, they still remain vulnerable, so researchers have already demonstrated the possibility of hackers attacking the bus interface that allows communication between the TPM and the CPU.

This is where Pluton appears, which integrates TPM directly into the CPU, thus eliminating the possibility of such attacks.

The ultimate goal of an integrated Pluton CPU is to protect your encryption keys and personal information.

Microsoft claims that Pluton will provide great added protection because hackers will not be able to download any of this data from it, even if they will be in full physical possession of your PC. In addition, against future new threats, Microsoft will allow firmware upgrades to the CPU directly from its servers via a secure connection.

Since it's about security with a new hardware component, you won't benefit from this unless you buy a new chip.
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Thank you @Nigrin, that is a good information and a progress but as a sarcastic ******* I would like to point
that Microsoft is going to introduce a new safety feature as long as CIA/NSA is able to go around it, in this case
the fastest way would be use of the keys that Microsoft is using to sign their updates, which are going to be used to
update firmware of this co-processors. Keys to which they have an access to as the Stuxnet showed us.
You will have an ARM co-processor that is able to execute any code, that you are not able to stop or monitor.
No task manager for it :D no kill process
That are just the same concerns we had with Intel's Management Engine micro-controllers or AMD's Secure Technology / Platform Security Processor, isn't it? I will just wait for a moment when they will start to make batches of CPU without the ARM co-processor for DOD and then I will know for sure.


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I do not know myself perfectly alas, but yet I love computer maintenance because I have skills, I guess they still have a lot of work :)