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Direct Wu10Man - Windows 10 Update Manager version 4.0.0 + Portable -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
56.1 GB
13.8 TB

The application tries to get a better way to interrupt what Windows 10 Update is trying to do. The first things like setting a group policy or disabling services are broken down into three parts: (1) Group Policy, (2) Disabling Services, and (3) Blocking URLs.

1. Group Policy
Users in Windows 10 Home edition does not have access to the Group Policy Editor, but they can still set it via the registry. This application will make those updates for a user, because who can remember where those settings are. This setting should be sufficient to block most automatic updates, but with some security updates, Microsoft will push those down regardless of these settings.

Group Policy Options:
Enable Automatic Updates: Allows updates to function as normal.
Disable Automatic Updates: Disables automatic updates.
Notify of Download and Installation: Provides notifications for download and installation. Should function similar to the older version of Windows that -had this option.
Automatic Download, Notify of Installation: Will automatically download updates but provide notification before installation.

2. Disabling Services:
When in doubt, users can disable the Windows 10 services that run the updates. There are two that seem to control everything: Windows Update Service and Windows Module Installer. On their own, users can disable them, and things will be ok, but Windows has a couple of tasks that will turn those back on. Some are set at an interval, and some are set at startup. There is also a third: Windows Update Medic Service. It is a new service that Microsoft uses to turn on all the Windows Update stuff. It looks like this came out with an October 2018 update, and as over version 2.0.0, support for disabling the Medic service is also supported. When disabling a service through this app, it also renames the underlying service file so that it is not possible to run the service.

If users were running an older version of Wu10Man, do not worry, the new releases will still restore user settings as needed.

3. Blocking URLs
There are also several URLs that have been identified as being used by Windows Update. That list is included in the app config file so the user can alter it if need be. Users can set which URLs to block individually or as a group. This updates the hosts' file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

NOTE:This application does need administrative access as it is trying to write to the registry, alter services, and change the hosts' file. As a result, some anti-virus software may also pick this up as potentially hostile.

What is new in version 4.0.0:
  • Adding the ability to remove Microsoft Apps;
  • Deprecating GPO Support;
  • Issue #19;
  • Thank you @sugarbob;
  • Including fixes from @JonnyTech;
  • Issue #18;
  • Cleaning up code patterns with StyleCop;
  • Refactor for better tier separation;
  • Updating license from MIT to GPL.

What is new in version 2.0.0:
  • Updated UI to allow for more natural future changes to functionality;
  • Changed Windows Service functionality to rename system files instead of trying to block via credentials;
  • Backwards compatibility is maintained to undo credentials changes;
  • Added support for disabling new Windows Update Medic Service which was voiding previous versions;
  • Fixes #7 (Windows Update Service getting re-enabled).


Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!

File: Wu10Man_Installer.msi
: 00/60
MD5: 641DB868A49D016AD2371D46B37532FD
SHA1: 0D8A7DFF0E83353F0B73689A5B74EBB05A12EF24
SHA256: 0DE7AE33EE96280E623973BD82F0FC735D5E3CDB19FD6D08A13511A1CCDDAAA7

: 0/62
MD5: 4CBEE1F4E64BFFD916728BA8B7AE64D8
SHA1: 861BB304E77ABA07F6BB279B306349EC6E321235
SHA256: 8F8783084EDC693A468469D52CFCEC9543EDD5D34CCC05E5482C4B75B20D626F

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